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Scott Bratland - Bratland Law
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Family Law
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Bratland Law understands the uniqueness each area of family law presents. Scott has represented individuals in 'custody battles', child support hearings, visitation hearings, and divorces. Scott understands that some divorce cases are straight forward and do not require the time or money that others do. Scott will thoroughly review the facts with potential clients before accepting employment. Scott explains to his clients that in most cases, there is some give and take necessary to resolve the disputes.

But he understands that some cases do not lend themselves to reasonableness and he will fight vigorously for the rights of his clients. Scott has successfully represented individuals in custody battles, visitation hearings, child support hearings and divorces.

Address: 2 East Kemp Ave Watertown, SD 57201 - phone: (605) 753-5957 - email: bratlandlaw@iw.net
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