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Insufficient Funds - The State must show a defendant wrote a check with the intent to defraud and received present consideration (money, merchandise) for the check. Several cases have been dismissed on the grounds that the check in question was a 'hold' check, or there was a separate agreement between the parties to hold the check.

False Personation - It is illegal to provide a false name of a known person to law enforcement. Several cases have been dismissed on the grounds that the name given by the defendant is not in actuality, the name of another person. For example, if you make up a name that is not knowingly the name of someone else, you have not committed this crime.

Aggravated Assault - There are a number of ways to commit Aggravated Assault, which is a felony. In many instances, the State alleged the victim sustained 'serious bodily injury' and several times the State either dismissed or reduced the charge because the alleged victim did not sustain serious bodily injury.

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